The man behind


My name is Lars Jørgensen, and has more than 25 years experience with Land Rovers and Off-road driving. An experience from Overland Expedition for India and Pakistan and the surrounding countries, and demanding Off-road Sport

I have been driving Land Rovers since 1985, every day, and have for the last 10 years or so, been driving around in a Defender 110" STW with a TD5 engine and off cause a Koenig Winch.

Apart from that, together with my 2 daughters, I drive a Defender 90" also with a TD5 engine.
The 90" is equipped to participate in Trials, Trophy and Challenges, and off cause with a mechanic Koenig Winch geared 9:1, centre mounted and with 55m of steel cable on the drum. Apart from that there is Air locker on both axels, 6-point roll cage, 4,75 diffs and some other minor alterations.

Apart from this I act as an Off-road driving instructor at various events, and use my experience in teaching in the use of winches and recovery gear.

I am a member of the Danish Off-road Sport club, and the Scottish Land Rover Owners Club


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